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Humanscale CPU200 CPU Holder Humanscale CPU200 CPU Holder
Product Code: CPU200
Availability: In Stock

Humanscale CPU200 CPU Holder

Price: $210.00
Ex Tax: $190.91
Product Code: CPU200

Designed to complement any environment with clean lines and elegant aesthetics, the CPU200 offers the quickest and easiest installation of any CPU holder on the market, saving installation time and money.
CPU200’s under-the-desk position reduces cable clutter and promotes a longer life for CPUs by allowing hardware to stay cool and vent freely. The holder also gets CPUs off the floor where dust accumulates and valuable computer equipment could be kicked or damaged by a vacuum cleaner.

* Colour:

  Height    CPU height + 96.5 mm (whichever is greater)
   Width   170 mm
   Weight   2.3 kg


Adjusts to fit CPUs 2.54 cm to 12.7 cm wide and 15.24 cm to 30.48 cm tall.
Supports CPUs weighing up to 6.8 kg.
Slides smoothly on nylon glides on 40.64 cm track using easy-grasp handle.
Rotates 360° for complete access to cables and ports.
Remove CPU easily without tools using the quick track front bracket, making swap-outs a snap.
Adjustable mounting plate ensures that the CPU will be centered and balanced.
Contains 90% recycled content and is 100% recyclable; made predominantly of aluminum, steel and polypropylene.

The CPU200 is a great example of Humanscale's environmental purpose.

  • Made predominantly of recycled aluminum and steel
  • Contains 51% recycled content
  • 99% recyclable

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