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Champion Flex Deck
Multi function wall that is hung directly on the feet on two carriers. The standard features include..
Ex Tax: $660.00
Champion Multi Deck
With a practical bracket to support the TFT screen or stop books from falling off the..
Ex Tax: $500.00
Champion Side Top
Supplementary side panel that is hung onto the side of the desk on two carriers. It can be positione..
Ex Tax: $340.00
Joker Giant Drawer
For lots of storage space over the whole desk width. Can also be retrofitted without disassebling th..
Ex Tax: $113.64
Winner Giant Drawer
For practical storage space over the entire width of the Winner desk; can be added at any time - no ..
Ex Tax: $159.09
Winner Vario Box
The vario box has a practical flap for exercise books and note pads, in addition to the lockable dra..
Ex Tax: $286.36