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Product Code: DPG1C
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LINAK Smart Switch with Bluetooth Connection

Price: $95.00
Ex Tax: $86.36
Product Code: DPG1C

Get the most from your standing desk

The Linak Smart Switch Desk Panel DPG1C features Bluetooth® connection, four favourite positions, a display to guide the users and a reminder via a light strip to remind the users to use their desks.

The Linak DPG1C is activated by tilting the desk panel in the same direction as the desk is intended to drive, which makes it an intuitive desk panel. The DPG1C features a modern discreet design with a glossy surface and an integrated display to ensure a clean and minimalist design.

The display provides guidance to the users when operating the desk. Via pulsating green and orange lights, the light strip reminds the users to change positions. Using the integrated Bluetooth® and downloading the Desk Control™ App the users can also be reminded via notifications on smart devices.


The intuitive reminder function is integrated in the LINAK smart switch. The reminder function indicates the current desk usage status and it changes its color when it is time for the user to change posture – from sitting to standing.

Memory Positions
The LINAK Smart Switch can store up to four of your favourite height positions of your desk.

Compatible with the Desk Control™ app
Compatible with the Desk Control app, using the integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology. The app allows the user to keep track of his personal desk usage statistics on a smart device and get notifications when to stand. 
The app comes in 8 languages and is available for 2 different platforms: iOS for iPhones and iPads and Android for Android smartphones and tablets.

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