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Product Code: 362156
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Flexlight - dimable desk lamp moll desk accessory

Price: $480.00
Ex Tax: $436.36
Product Code: 362156

Flexlight: The new flexible LED desk light from moll You can bend Flexlight's arm exactly as you need to so you can see well. This is made possible by the ball joint on the base and its other joints.

Disclaimer: Please note that the USB charging station may not work with all phones or devices.

Moll - Made in Germany designed in Germany

  Illuminant   LED
  Light colour   warm white
  Luminous flux   690 lm +/- 10%
  Connected load   10 W
  Power supply   5V, d.c
  Power supply unit   220-240V, max. 2A/5V
  Protection class   IP 20
  Light head   15 x 5 cm


Bright light or soft light?
Flexlight can be dimmed from 100% to 5% illuminance. The light doesn't flicker, either. And furthermore, the LED desk light saves a lot of electricity: -85% on a 60W light bulb.

Choose the colour whatever you like
The on and off button switches not only the light, it also changes the colour of the button by a simple touch.

Cool additional functions:
USB-charging station for iPod, cell phone and other electronic devices. 2x USB A power outlets (not a data USB) night light: The switch is back-lit in colour, even when it is switched off.

Dimensions: 62 x 42 x 5,5 cm

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