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Product Code: LMATE
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Product Code: LMATE

Relieves lower back pressure for greater comfort.

The LumbarMate is a portable lumbar cushion which provides an adjustable level of support to your lower back. Inside the cushion, an expanding section creates what is essentially a dynamic lumbar roll which fills the space between the arch of your back and the seat. It gives you complete control over the depth of support required.
Colour: Black.
Dimensions (W x H): 33 x 36 cm


How is the Lumbar Mate different? Most lumbar cushions on the market at present are either not adjustable or adjust using a pump up system. The Lumbar mate uses a patented and reliable mechanism, very similar to the one used in cars and office chairs.

  • Easy to adjust, giving you the correct amount of support in any situation
  • Adjusting the cushion is a simple as turning the dial built in to the side of the cushion
  • Use the adjustable strap to firmly attach the Lumbar Mate cushion to your chair or car seat
  • Portable and compact—take it with you anywhere
  • Relieves lower back pressure for greater comfort
  • Removable upholstery for cleaning
  • Presentation carton with carry handle

Using the Lumbar Mate Cushion

  • Place the Lumbar Mate cushion on the chair or seat
  • Tie the straps of the Lumbar Mate cushion around the back of the chair or seat and click the snap buckle together
  • Tighten the strap of the Lumbar Mate to fit snugly around the chair back
  • Adjust the level of support by turning the dial on the Lumbar Mate

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