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Product Code: MB

The MouseBean® Hand Rest is designed to provide support, protection and comfort when using a mouse. Following detailed research into the causes of mouse-induced wrist pain, the MouseBean® Hand Rest tackles the problem by applying sound ergonomic principles, stylish product design and engineering. More effective than a wrist rest

Professional computer users have put the MouseBean® Hand Rest through extensive trials and the device has been tested and endorsed by a consulting surgeon

  • Corrects poor wrist angle that can lead to pain in the tendons of the forearm.
  • Reduces the risk of median nerve compression that can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (OOS).
  • Easy to brand with corporate logos and colours.
  • High perceived-value gift.
  • Demonstrates a “we care” policy.
  • An opportunity to place your company’s name at everybody’s fingertips, without expecting them to throw away their existing mouse and mouse pad.
  • Increases accuracy and productivity by reducing tension in the hand, arm and neck
  • More comfortable than conventional wrist pads when using a mouse for extended periods.
  • Ideal for Web surfers, CAD, Graphics, Web Design, and Programming.
  • Can be used with either hand, is easy to clean and the smooth base slides on most surfaces.

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