Attitude & Change

With the holidays only a few weeks away and the need to finish up projects before then, its a good time to review: am I sitting well?
how is my desk set up?
is it for maximum ease of work?
am I taking the short breaks that I need?
am I stretching regulary?

If you answered no to any of the above then read on. Attitude can play a large part in our approach to preventing and recovering from computer related injuries. If we have the attitude that the work must get done regardless of the pain, that attitude can lead to a worsening of our aches and pains and ultimately can cause severe RSI. We have to listen to our body! What is it telling us when our shoulder aches on the way home, or we have numbness in our finger or a shooting pain running up our arm? It's telling us that we need to change the way we are doing things or its going to get worse. So, what are those changes, how do we make them, and how do we persevere with them when the work keeps piling up? Write down your intention - what changes do you wish to make. Review them on daily basis until they have become fully integrated into your daily routine. For example: I will complete 3 stretching exercises each morning before going to work. I will do one stretch approximately every half hour while at work. I will complete 3 stretching exercises when I return home, or I will enrol in a course of stretching such as yoga, pilates etc. I will endeavour to sit well while at the computer and will install software to remind me about my posture and when to take breaks. I will check my desk to ensure that it is set up ergonomically (see Office Ergonomic Set Up ) I will team up with a member of staff in the office and work with them to help implement the changes and support them in doing the same. It can be challenging to do things differently from the way we have always done them, however it is worth the effort when we find that we are feeling less aches and pains and more energy. The holiday break gives us an opportunity to spend more time away from our desks and to exercise in ways that will allow us to return to work in a refreshed way. We can also make this intention our New Years resolution and share it with others in the office. The staff of Ergonomics Now wish you a safe, joyful and prosperous Chrismas and New Year.