GPF15.6W - 3M Gold Privacy Filter

3M GOLD Privacy Filters offer unmatched data protection and a gloss surface that actually increases clarity. Helps keep private information private, giving users the freedom to work in high traffic areas without inadvertently sharing confidential information. User sees clearly with no blurring or distortion, while onlookers see bright, golden colour. Brightens and sharpens text and images. Protects notebook screen from scratches, fingerprints and damage.
Suitable for LCD Monitors and Laptops.
The sizing below refers to the viewable screen area.

Privacy Filter for 15.6 " Widescreen LCD monitor or notebook computer
Actual viewing area: 194.0 x 344.7 mm

Carefully measure the size of your monitor glass both height and width - this is the size you need to order. Guideline for measuring your monitor screen.

Please choose carefully as there are no refunds or returns on Privacy Filters.

Size: 194.0 x 344.7 mm


Privacy you can’t ignore
State-of-the-art gloss surface with a vibrant golden screen dazzles onlookers while defending data.

See the light
Now experience even brighter and sharper text and images without blurring or distortion.

Fort Knox for your laptop
Precision-fitted filters shield data from curious glances and screens from scuffs and scratches.

Enlightened ease
Simple to attach and remove, they stay in place when the laptop is closed so you never lose sight of them.

Easy to attach and remove tabs keep the filter in place. Clear tabs are placed on the outside of the screen to provide no interference with view. Each filter includes 6 clear frame tabs.

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