TOPO Mini Standing Mat

Topo Mini is a slimmed down version of Topo, the anti-fatigue mat that revolutionized the way we stand at our standing desks. Topo Mini's calculated terrain and engineered material drive more dynamic standing. And that means less time in a chair and more time using your body like nature intended. Topo Mini delivers the unique combination of micro and macro movements that make Topo the best standing desk mat on the planet in a smaller package, so you can fit your better standing into smaller spaces and smaller budgets.

How do you decide which Topo is right for you?
Topo Mini has been designed to accommodate users that are 165cm (5’4″) or shorter, or users with smaller work spaces, without sacrificing the features and benefits of Topo.

The design specifications for Topo Mini is for users up to 108kgs. For users above 108kgs, support/compression reaches the limit of specifications when used with US men’s size 10 shoe.

Shoes size affects weight distribution, so for a heavier user, larger feet provide improved support. The mat may still provide an acceptable experience for a user weighing more than 108kgs, but with the material compound, the performance will not achieve our exacting design specification and Topo is recommended.

  • Unlocks true benefits of standing desks
  • Calculated terrain facilitates blood flow and encourages healthy movement
  • Easy hands-free position let’s you slide the mat on various floor surfaces
  • One-piece highly durable and comfortable foam
  • Slimmed down so that the terrains occupy a smaller area that people that 165cm (5’4″) or shorter can use comfortably and effectively
  • A smaller footprint for people with smaller work areas

Weight 1.8 kg
Width 640 mm
Depth 488 mm
Height 63 mm at the highest point
Colour Black
Material 100% polyurethane foam

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