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Product Code: ED-OW
Availability: In Stock

Detachable Side Work Surface For Kangaroo Workstation

Price: $87.00
Ex Tax: $79.09
Product Code: ED-OW

If you find that the Kangaroo Sit-stand Workstation is not quite large enough, you may add extra space with the detachable side work surface. Work surfaces are designed to be attached and used once you are in the standing position. The sides are omni directional and can fit on either the right or left sides and corners. The sides are made with an H-channel and a support bar underneath, using gravity to hold them on. Please consider removing them prior to lowering your desk, any upwards momentum against the bottom of the sides start to disengage them from the work surface. These optional work surfaces measure 29 x 29 cm and are available in black only.

Perfect for extra space to put a phone, cup of coffee, etc. Buy 2 and have one on both sides.


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