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ZestDesk Portable Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation

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The world’s first adjustable portable standing desk. It has 2 fully adjustable tiers to ensure perfect posture. Folds into a carry case with a handle in 30 seconds for maximum flexibility.


The only portable standing desk which allows you to:

  1. Stand & work healthy anywhere: Folds into a carry case & sets up in 30 seconds on any table
  2. Practise perfect posture: 2 fully adjustable levels so you can find your perfect posture
  3. Look & feel great: Designed in Australia & made of brushed aluminium for strength & beauty


Who is a portable standing desk for?

  1. Mobile workers: Anyone who works from the road, a client's office or between offices (Auditors, Consultants, Contractors, Sales etc.) - don't compromise workplace safety just because you (or your employees) are not in the office
  2. At home: Anyone who works from home and wants a product they can pack away i.e. they work from a shared study or kitchen table
  3. Flexible workspaces: Any business that wants to test standing desks or wants flexibility, eg: hot desks - loan out ZestDesks as you see fit to ensure that employees are happy, healthy and safe

  • 30 seconds set up. The ZestDesk® is an intuitive product to set up. No tools needed. Even your grandma could set it up!
  • Turn any table into a standing desk. It doesn’t matter if you are working at home, in the office or anywhere. You can now enjoy the benefits of standing. All you need to do is set your ZestDesk® up on an existing table and away you go.
  • Reverse the turtle neck. To stop you ‘turtle necking’ ZestDesk® comes with two adjustable levels, one for your keyboard and mouse, and another for your monitor. So you can say goodbye to hunching forever. STOP – Neck craning and hunching
  • Easy to carry or pack away. ZestDesk® folds neatly into a carry case with a handle. So you can easily take it with you or pack it away. It’s the perfect space saving solution for people who hot desk or work from a shared table
  • Minimalist design. ZestDesk® is made from anodized aluminium (like a Macbook), making it modern, sleek and durable. The table top is laminated – the same as most office desks.
  • The bag was developed by PV1 former Crumpler Designer/Sewer Philippe Vincent. It's made of high-grade, durable Cordura with padded lining, a 3 cm thick padded shoulder strap, and padded handles. So it's high quality and comfortable to carry. If you use the strap the handles can be packed away and vice versa. There is also an additional pocket which is 30 cm wide for a small laptop, tablet, keys and wallet. It also looks pretty good! Pocket with ‘zesty’ lining
  • Table top is non scratch with a matte finish
  • Non slip rubber feet to ensure stability even when fully extended

Table Top Specifications:

  Weight   5.7 kg
  Weight Capacity   16 kg
  Height Range   27 - 38 cm
  Dimensions   64 cm wide x 60 cm deep
  Folded Dimensions   64 cm wide x 30 cm deep


Monitor Stand Specifications:

  LCD Size   20" maximum
  Weight Capacity         5 kg
  Height Range   up to 20.5cm from table top with 5 adjustments. Recommended height for monitors is 6.5 cm

ZestDesk Overview


30 second assembly


30 second disassembly

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