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Reducing prolonged sitting in the workplace

An evidence review: summary report
This report deals with prolonged sitting and is a summary of the full evidence review Reducing prolonged sitting in the workplace (An evidence review: full report), available at www.vichealth.vic Its findings show that prolonged workplace sitting is an emerging public health and occupational health issue with serious implications for the health of our working population. Importantly, prolonged sitting is a risk factor for poor health and early death, even among those who meet, or exceed, national activity guidelines. Read more...

Sitting is Deadly

From the ABC Catalyst programme
When you think about living dangerously - smoking, drinking and other risk taking behaviours may be the first things that come to mind. But if your days are anything like mine, one of your deadliest habits is one you indulge in most of your waking hours. It's sitting. Yes, sitting. Read more...


Research shows significant health benefits for overweight adults in breaking up prolonged sitting

From Baker IDI
Overweight office workers, drivers and call centre staff who sit for long periods could improve their health by simply breaking up their sitting time with frequent activity breaks according to new research by Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, published online today in Diabetes Care - a publication of the American Diabetes Association. Read more...


Stand up: your life could depend on it

Standing up more often may reduce your chances of dying within three years, even if you are already physically active, a study of more than 200,000 people published in Archives of Internal Medicine today shows. Read more...


Sitting vs Standing

Find out what Research Studies have revealed about the use of height adjustable desks and their benefits.

Studies have shown that alternating between sitting and standing results in less discomfort and reduces the amount of fatigue many people feel at the end of the work day.

There was a strong preference for using the electric height adjustable workstation. Read more...

Time to stand up for less sitting around at work
The gentle art of sitting is not as benign as it seems. We sit too much, especially at work where we spend more than two-thirds of the time in a chair. | read article
Source: The Australian Financial Review