Ergonomic Assessments

An ergonomically congenial work area is crucial to good working habits and posture, without it, aches and pains can eventually lead to staff needing to claim Work Cover assistance and take time off work.

Through an understanding of fundamental ergonomic principles we can effect positive change in your organisation. We address workstation equipment layout, sitting posture, vision and glare issues, work patterns and breaks.

We have a strong and dynamic team committed to well-being in the workplace. We are continuously developing innovative high quality programs to meet your organisation's needs.

We offer cost-effective, appraisal & training programs, which help prevent computer related injuries before they happen as well as reduce insurance claims on your business.

Our ergonomic assessment programs cover the following:

  • Ergonomic Workstation set up
  • Lighting/ Glare
  • Ease of movement /clutter
  • Optimal heights and angles for equipment
  • Posture
  • Importance of taking breaks
  • Office exercise and how to change the office culture to encourage stretching
  • A written ergonomic assessment report for each individual to contain changes for optimal ergonomic workstation set up. Recommendations for breaks and exercise are also included

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