Height Adjustable Desks

Research into ergonomics has indicated there is a strong correlation between the increased hours of static posture and the increase in back problems and injuries such as RSI.

Many employees sit for long periods of time, at desks that are too high or too low for their body height. Being able to adjust your posture from sitting to standing can reduce the risks of these types of injuries.

Marvin Dainoff (Centre for Ergonomic Research, Miami University) has previously assessed the effectiveness of standing throughout the day as a means of providing essential breaks. It was found that non-standing workers took on average 47% more work breaks and the average duration of these breaks were 56% longer than employees that worked while standing.

Height Adjustable Desks - Change the way you work

In 1994 Nerhood and Thomson studied the introduction of sit-stand workstations at United Parcel Service. Results showed employees averaged 3.6 adjustments to the standing position per day and spent an average 23% of the time per day in a standing position. They found body discomfort decreased by an average 62% and the occurrence of injuries and illnesses decreased by more than half.

With the option to sit or stand, our Height Adjustable Desks allow you to change your working position simply and easily with the touch of a button. By changing your working position often, you avoid one sided repeated wear on your muscles and joints as well as improving your productivity.

If you have an existing back problem then standing at a high desk for parts of your day rather than sitting all day at a standard desk can offer great relief and help the recovery process when back problems occur.

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