Exercise in the Office

Many cutting edge companies actively promote employee fitness schemes. Some build a gym or sponsor gym memberships. Microsoft have gone one step further and assigned their Irish employees with their very own personal fitness trainers. Others form Soccer or basketball teams at work. Why? It makes complete sense really, because the returns are significant to their business. If employers encourage a physically active workforce, businesses will themselves reap benefits. Exercise not only improves mood and physical fitness, it's great for the organisation's spirit.....full article If the company that you work for isn't quite matching these larger corporations, you can always make a difference in your own way.

What will motivate you to exercise at work? There are so many oportunities to exercise at work and yet through force of habit or because we may feel embarassed or because the work culture does not encourage it, we do not take these golden opportunities to keep ourselves fit and flexible. We arrive home feeling various aches and pains and many of them could be avoided if only we could make that extra effort at work. Make a positive commitment to yourself that you are going to exercise at work for your own wellbeing. Look for opportunities to stretch and go for it.

Answering the phone For example after each phone call, do one of the neck exercises on our Neck Exercises Page each exercise takes only a few seconds to complete. You could try standing up to answer the phone to give your back a break from sitting. Stand up straight shoulders back, roll your shoulders back after the call see the Shoulder Exercises page. The exercises have no effect if we just read about them, they only become useful and effective when we actually do them.

The Photocopy Machine Here's another great opportunity, place your hands shoulder width apart on the photocopier, walk your feet back until your body is parallel to the floor, arms fully extended, with your feet directly under your hips, creating a right angle between your body and legs. Draw your thighs up, reach back with your sitting bones and stretch your arms. As with all exercise, you need to listen to your body, keep the back of the neck and spine lengthened and the rib cage lifted.

The Tea Room Here you have the opportunity to stretch that bit more while the tea is brewing or the water boiling. Stand up straight put your hands by your side and raise your arms out to the side till they are at shoulder height, palms down. Now keeping the arms straight turn the palms so they are facing upwards. Alternate a few times with palms facing down then facing up.

Driving to and from Work Many of us spend 30 minutes plus driving to work each day and our car seat can have a negative effect on our posture by not supporting our lower back. Try an experiment, sit up straight in the car, do you need any postural support? does the car seat fully support you? A small pillow may be all that is necessary to give your back the support it needs and to make a world of difference to how your back and shoulders feel. Happy Exercising.