Improving Your Posture

So, what have you been doing to help improve your posture? What reminds you that you have slumped in your chair, how do you maintain a good posture to help those aches and pains stay away? One way to help you remember: try asking friends at work to point out when your posture is not so good, make it light and not to serious. If you get a team of workmates to all help each other in this way, it's amazing what results we can get. Give it a try, we'd really like to here from you. Another solution is break reminder software, there are a number of freeware and shareware programs that you can download, try Also you can download rsiguard trial version here. This software can be fine tuned with your own micro break messages reminding you to check your own posture, are you slumping? are leaning forward? is your posture comfortable? adjust your posture now etc. Remember to take breaks regularly so that you don't lock into one uncomfortable position for too long. Stretch and exercise regularly Take care of yourself, the quality of your life is more important than getting the job done. With the right approach you can do both.