How seriously are you taking RSI?

To prevent or recover from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) we need to take it seriously, and make the time necessary to exercise, take regular breaks from the computer and check our posture. As well as consult a physician who has some experience in working with RSI patients. Very often we may not know others with RSI in our immediate circle of friends and associates, and feel the need to find the energy and inspiration to fight this hidden plague on our own. There are support groups in many countries and cities and a search of the internet with rsi support group as the search term will often bring up good results, you can also add the name of your country or city to find a support group locally. One way to tackle it, is sit down and write out your plan:

What will you do and how regularly?
What exercise/ stretching will you take up?
How will you ensure that you take regular breaks and stick with it?
What will you do to work on your posture?
Are there products and books than can support you?
Then implement your plan, see what difference a positive approach can make.