PF19.0 - 3M Privacy Filter

The lightweight 3M computer privacy filter range has sizes to fit most LCD screens. Patented microlouver technology blocks out side views while you see your screen clearly as ever. Great for high traffic areas.
Suitable for LCD Monitors and Laptops.

Privacy Filter for 19.0 " Standard LCD monitor or notebook computer
Actual viewing area: 302.0 x 376.7 mm

Carefully measure the size of your monitor glass both height and width - this is the size you need to order. Guideline for measuring your monitor screen.

Please choose carefully as there are no refunds or returns on Privacy Filters.


Helps protect screen from scratches and abrasions.
Patented 3M micro-louver technology makes on-screen data visible only to persons directly in front of the display.
Passersby see a dark, blank screen.
Improves contrast and privacy without blurring or distorting the images on the screen.
Filter comes with a shiny side and a matte side for your preference of appearance.
Lifetime Warranty.

Easy to attach and remove tabs keep the filter in place. Clear tabs are placed on the outside of the screen to provide no interference with view. Each filter includes 6 clear frame tabs.

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