ADDB is a cost-effective solution for CPU storage. Formed from a strong tubular steel frame with adjustable webbed strapping, ADDB wraps around the CPU to hold it firmly in place.

Options for the ADDB CPU holder
Slide & Rotate mount: has a track (350 mm or 520 mm) which allows the CPU to slide out of the way, but can glide back & turn for access to the back of the CPU.
Rotational mount: turns the CPU 360° for easy access to cable sockets at the rear of the CPU.
Standard: No rotation, no slide

  • Removes the CPU from the floor, fastening neatly to the underside of the desk
  • Made from a strong, tubular steel structure
  • Cost effective solution
  • The CPU can fit under the desk without the need for additional brackets

Min PC Dimensions (w x h)    90 x 350 mm 
Max PC Dimensions (w x h)    260 x 560 mm
Weight   up to 30 kg
Colour   Silver


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