Bambach Saddle Chair

The Bambach Saddle Seat is shaped like a saddle to enable the body to maintain an ideal posture when sitting.

The revolutionary designed seat has a tilt adjustment so that the seat can accommodate varying pelvic positions in order to achieve a customised fit. The back rest on the seat is optional and not an ergonomic feature, but available purely as a popular 'back rest'.

The Award Winning Australian design is the result of extensive research supporting the inventor's theory that a person's spine is held in its natural curve, with less stress, when seated in a saddle.

See Bambach colour options here.
Please specify the requested fabric and colour in the comment box during checkout.

This chair is made-to-order and non returnable. Please allow 10 working days for delivery.

Weight rating: 200 kg

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  • Relief from back pain
  • Energised at the close of day
  • A very natural, easy balance
  • Circulation is improved
  • Feeling of wellbeing
  • Hands and arms can reach freely and easily
  • Close access to work surface
  • An open chest and abdomen, giving good function for digestion and breathing
  • The 'open' position of the hips fosters good blood circulation
  • Neutral position for back, neck, head & shoulders
  • Upright posture retaining natural spinal curves, especially the lumbar curve.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Various adjustable height ranges.
  • Adjustable seat tilt.
  • Recommended by the APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association)
  • Tested and approved to Australian standards for strength and durability by AFRDI to Level 6.

    Small Seat   Medium Seat   Narrow Seat*   Large Seat
Seat Cushion Length    340 mm   390 mm   390 mm   440 mm
Seat Width   340 mm   380 mm   340 mm   400 mm
Chair Depth (incl back rest)   350 mm   400 mm   400 mm   450 mm
Back rest Width   390 mm   390 mm   390 mm   390 mm
Back rest Height   370 mm   370 mm   370 mm   370 mm
Back rest Height Range   90 mm   90 mm   90 mm   90 mm
Star Base Width   600 mm   600 mm   600 mm   600 mm
Min Height   540 mm   540 mm   540 mm   540 mm
Max Height   730 mm   730 mm   730 mm   730 mm
Strut Height   200 mm   200 mm   200 mm   200 mm
Recommended for:                
  Child (age)   up to 13 yrs   14 yrs +   14 yrs +   not recommended
  Female (height)   up to 165 cm   up to 180 cm   160 - 170 cm   plus sizes
  Male (height)   not recommended   up to 173 cm   not recommended   over 173 cm

270 mm longer gas lift / strut is available. If you require a 270 mm longer gas lift, please specify in the comment box during checkout.

* Bambach saddle chair with narrow seat has a narrow front which allows the user to have their legs closer together. (ie can wear a skirt and still use the seat)

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