Contour RollerMouse Free3

Sleeker. Faster. Freer.
A modern upgrade to the Free2, RollerMouse Free3 brings you the same ergonomic design, precision and quality with the added benefits of more speed, extra buttons and optional wireless technology.

The Contour RollerMouse Free3 helps to eliminate reaching for a traditional mouse relieving neck, shoulder, elbow, and wrist pain. There is no gripping necessary, thus avoiding the threat of repetitive strain injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis. Roller Mouse Free2 is designed with ultra high precision and quality.

A better way to work

  • Work safer and faster. Less physical strain and improved precision help you work more efficiently.
  • Get in an ergonomic position. Everything you need is placed right in front of you.
  • Two hands are better than one. Using both hands helps avoid discomfort and prevent pain by varying your position.



Natural feel for natural movement. RollerMouse Free3 features a new type of sensor located underneath the rollerbar, allowing for more precise cursor movements. It can accommodate multiples screens and combines flawlessly with laptops in office environments. RollerMouse Free3 fits seamlessly with our Balance Keyboard.

Work at your own pace
RollerMouse Free3 offers greater accuracy and cursor speed selection than its predecessor. The ten speeds range from 600 to 2800 dpi, allowing the Free3 to move quicker and easier across multiple monitors or extra-large screens. RollerMouse Free3 features a new, advanced sensor located underneath the rollerbar, allowing for more precise cursor movements. Work at the speed that’s right for you.

Easy to use
RollerMouse Free3 sports more padding with its new built-in wrist rest for increased comfort. The fully open, more stable rollerbar allows for room to move and accommodates varying shoulder widths. It also has a sturdier aluminum base and a quieter click.

New features for an updated feel
RollerMouse Free3 features two new buttons for forward and back in most Internet browsers, with a lower click volume to not disturb your workflow. At 0.9” high, the RollerMouse Free3 still boasts the lowest profile in the RollerMouse family, helping maintain a proper, ergonomic position. Its slim design fits perfectly with our Balance Keyboard. RollerMouse Free3 is ideal for users with varied hand sizes.

Choose between a wired or wireless model of RollerMouse Free3 to best fit your needs and working style.


Central pointing device with rollerbar cursor steering




Tracking Method Optical motion sensor
Integrated wrist rests Yes
Detachable wrist rests Yes
Material on wrist rests Durable leatherette
Suitable for stationary work space Yes
Suitable for narrow work space Yes
Suitable for laptop and compact keyboards Yes
Cursor speed precision (dpi) 600/800/1000/1200/1400/1600/1800/2000/2400/2800
Cursor speed selection By the touch of a button
Buttons/Functions 8
Scroll wheel type Wide, free flow motion
Keyboard risers Multi height and angle adjustment
Keyboard risers, optional position for small keyboards Yes
Unique, fully open rollerbar Yes
Rollerbar width, accessable 248mm
Rollerbar below typing position Yes
Adjustable rollerbar click response Yes
Connection Cable - USB
Width 440mm
Height 19mm
Depth 115mm
Installation Plug-and-play
Driver needed No
Colour Black
Warranty 2 years from date of purchase
Compatibility Microsoft Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/ME/98
Microsoft Windows 2008/2003/2000/NT 4.0
Apple OS X, Apple Mac OS 8.1 or newer

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