Electric Kangaroo Pro Sit-Stand Workstation

The Electric Kangaroo Pro is an adjustable height desk that allows users to mount a single monitor to the unit via a VESA fitting. The electric motor makes it even easier to alternate between sitting and standing. The Electric Kangaroo Pro offers dual ergonomics, meaning that the keyboard and monitor can be adjusted separately to ensure the best ergonomic positioning. The Kangaroo Pro also allows users to convert their existing desk set up to a sit/stand solution

  • Main work surface and monitor adjust separately, delivering dual ergonomics
  • Main work surface is adjustable 52 0mm above the desk via the electric motor
  • Holds the monitor on an included VESA bracket
  • The VESA mounts has a tilt, pan and rotate adjustability
  • The monitor has 165 mm of adjustment independent from the main work surface and is powered by a nitrogen gas spring
  • Solid steel base plate makes the Kangaroo Pro very stable
  • Recommended for Monitors up to 6.8 kg without the monitor base attached
  • Stabilisation leg included
  • Main work surface: 711 mm wide x 609 mm deep
  • Base plate: 445 mm wide x 406 mm deep

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