Ergorest forearm support is designed to provide support for the forearm and relieve muscle strain and tension from the neck and shoulder area. The users arm glides freely in a semi-weightless state with virtually no lateral resistance.

Conditions such as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and back pain can be minimised by the correct use of Ergorest as part of an ergonomically designed arrangement.

Ergorest is made of aluminium alloy and polyamid, the pad is upholstered with genuine leather. Suitable for use in the office, industrial applications, including data entry and light factory assembling tasks. Great for hobbys and crafts that require fine detail work.



Easy to install. “No tools required”
The Ergorest forearm support just clamps on to the front of existing desk and adjusts to suit.

Robust and comfortable construction
By using light metals and aluminium alloy for the frame parts and clamps, and polyamide for the plastic parts, the Ergorest forearm support has reduced weight, is very stable and easy-to-use. The padding is made of foam plastic; the upholstery consists of genuine leather.

Adjustable Fastening Unit
The Ergorest can be attached to every worktop with a thickness from 15-43 mm.

Height Adjustment
The height of the rest can be adjusted by a finger screw found beneath the arm. The height is correct when the bottom of the arm pad is level with the lowest keys of the keyboard. To lift the rest, turn the screw clockwise. Turn in the other direction to lower the rest.

  Maximum Operating Span   235mm
  Clamp Openings   15-43mm
  Adjustable Height of Arm   75mm
  Max Load   15kg
  Clamp End Swivels   180°

Centre of arm and armrest pad both swivel 360°

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