Fenster High Back Mesh Chair

People are different; they have different bodies, different needs and different uses. Whatever type of person you are, we are sure that you will find your perfect chair partner in this collection. Like people, chairs are different too; shape, movement, style, colour, and size all contribute to whether or not a chair will suit an individual. If you think about who you are and what you do, selecting a chair can be easy.

Fenster is unapologetically a product of our times with its modern aesthetic of hard geometric lines. Yet this is achieved without compromise to human ergonomics. A compact synchrony, adjustable backrest, variable lumbar support and multi-adjustable arms make this an example of excellence in ergonomic engineering.


Chair Movements

  • Gas lift chairs raise or lower to allow feet to rest flat on the floor and enhances under thigh blood flow.
  • Horizontal seat adjusment allows the user to fix the seat depth at different positions for optimal seating posture & back rest contact.
  • Centre tilt mechanism allows the chair to tilt from a pivot point under the centre of the seat
  • Knee tilt mechanism tilts from a near front pivot point which keeps feet on the floor & maintains stability
  • Asyncron mechanism allows the user to adjust the back rest and the seat sparately. This gives the option of different posture position capability
  • Syncron mechanism is designed for both the back rest and the seat to tilt simultaneously
  • Lockable mechanism allows the user to lock the back to one upright position

Backrest Adjustments

  • Flex back mechanism is a spring loaded back which is in constant contact with the user as they lean back
  • Tilt back rest mechanism allows the user to angle the back rest independently in different resting positions
  • Anti-shock mechanism stops thworn forward when the mechanism is unlocked
  • Height adjustable back rest allows the user to position the lumbar support points of the chair according to their own body type.
  • Adjustable lumbar support allows the user to reposition or align the lumbar
  • Lumbar support provides the user optimal back support to promote proper posture for all day comfort
  • Tension lever allows the user to adjust the tilting tension of the chair according to the user's weight

Other Features

  • Adjustable arm pads allow the user to rotate the pads inward and outwards.
  • Vertical adjustable arms give the user an option to change the height of resting arm position
  • Adjustable head rest allows the user to position the headrest to best fit their body
  • Heavy duty 5 star metal base
  • Soft wheel casters are suitable for both carpet floors and hard surfaces
  • Custom moulded cushions to provide a more ergonomic seating surface profile. THis can either be the back rest or the seat or both


  • Headrest dimensions (H x W): 16  x 28 cm
  • Seat dimensions (H x W x D): 45 - 54 x 50 x 45 - 51 cm
  • Back dimensions (H x W): 57 - 60 x 47 cm

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