Heckler Wall Mount MX for iPad mini 6th Generation

Slim, sleek, and floating in thin air
Other iPad wall mounts transform your amazingly slim iPad into a thick, boxy, 1980's ATM. Not Wall Mount MX. Our latest wall mount is designed to present an esthetic that is as modern and sleek as the iPad itself - floating off the wall to create a reveal and shadow. Even the mount's bezel contours the precise shape of the iPad, right down to its obsessively-detailed continuous continuity corners.

Install your iPad like a pro.
Fasten our wall bracket to your gang box, drop in your PoE adapter, then mount your iPad in place with the turn of a single screw. Get professional results in your home, your retail shop, or your corporate campus.

Or keep it simple.
Just need a beautiful, durable iPad wall mount without doing the whole gang-box-hole-CAT-cable-through-the-wall thing? Cool, cool, cool. Wall Mount MX includes everything you need to simply mount it to drywall. Use your favorite cable to simply plug into a wall outlet.

Ready for Center Stage
With iPad's new ultra-wide-angle front camera and Center Stage feature, your wall-mounted device just became even more versatile. We've sculpted the bezel of Wall Mount MX to ensure your iPad's front camera is completely unobstructed.

Go with the (air) flow
iPad devices are designed to dissipate heat from their rear surfaces. Wall Mount MX keeps your device properly cooled by allowing room air to circulate between the wall and iPad.

Product Dimensions / Weight
  • 177 x 237 x 15 mm
  • 1 kg

  • iPad Wall Mount MX
  • Wall Anchors
  • Velcro Strap
  • Assembly Tools

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