Humanscale Pony Saddle Chair

The Pony Saddle Pony stools are the most comfortable, versatile and ergonomic stools ever made. The original Saddle and the compact Pony Saddle make sitting comfortable and workplace movement simple while complementing any workspace or home office. The triangular cushion of the Saddle and Pony saddle encourages users to sit in a “saddle” posture. Sitting in this position lowers the thighs, opens up the hips and allows for increased circulation. The posture also reduces pressure points on the tail bone enabling long-term comfort.

Lotus fabric black seat (water-repellent and easy-to-clean), graphite frame

  • The Saddle stool and Pony Saddle stool feature adjustable height to accommodate a wide range of users and tasks. The ergonomic design of the cushion allows for multiple sitting positions and delivers ultimate comfort no matter the work environment.
  • Encourages the user to sit in a saddle posture, which puts the spine into a healthy lordotic curve.
  • Unique triangular cushion features controls for height adjustment at all three corners.
Seat Width 405 mm  
Seat Base Width 560 mm  
Weight 4.8 kg  
Height Range 445 - 580 mm  

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