Jaw CPU Holder

Jaw is a visually simple and elegant CPU holder that enhances the look of any workspace design. The clamping function of the aluminium body grips securely to the top and bottom of the CPU whilst giving it a sleek profile. Design of JAW allows the CPU to ‘float’ under the desk for improved aesthetics .

Options for the Jaw CPU holder
Slide & Rotate mount: has a track (350 mm or 520 mm) which allows the CPU to slide out of the way, but can glide back & turn for access to the back of the CPU.
Rotational mount: turns the CPU 360° for easy access to cable sockets at the rear of the CPU.

  Min PC Dimensions (w x h)    90 x 290 mm 
   Max PC Dimensions (w x h)    240 x 510 mm
   Weight   up to 25 kg
  Colour   Silver


  • Made from high quality aluminium for durability and strength
  • The Jaw securely grips the CPU in place
  • A modern & elegant design ideal for high-end CPUs
  • Can be installed both vertically and horizontally

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