Laptop & Tablet Mount only for Ollin and Flo arm

Ollin Laptop and Tablet Mount integrates seamlessly with both Ollin and Flo monitor arms. Its innovative clamping mechanism accommodates laptops up to 16″, and tablets in landscape or portrait mode. By raising the display height in line with the eyes, this useful mount improves user posture and frees up desk space.

Flexible working

Ollin Laptop and Tablet Mount can support tablets from 9.7” to 13”, and any laptop weighing up to 2.8 kg.  It works as a single screen set-up, or is ideal when combined with any other monitor up to 27” to form a dual screen configuration for mobile and hybrid workers. Space, productivity and comfort are all easily maximised.

Ensure good ergonomics

Whether at home or in the office, Ollin Laptop and Tablet Mount encourages good posture and improves workstation ergonomics. Ollin Laptop and Tablet Mount can be used in conjunction with a separate mouse and keyboard, it reduces eye, neck and back strain and improves comfort during long periods of work.

Elegant aesthetics

A powder-coated, elegant steel base, thin profile, curved edges and premium finish, make Ollin Laptop and Table Mount a stylish addition to any workspace. And its integrated cable management channels elevate desk appearance even more by helping keep it neat and tidy.

  • Enables a laptop or tablet to be mounted on an Ollin or Flo Monitor Arm
  • Max Laptop Screen Size: 16″
  • Tablet Screen Size: 9.7″ – 13″
  • Maximum Screen Weight 2.8 kg
  • Colours: White | Silver | Black
  • Dimensions: 290 mm wide x 280.5 mm high

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