LINAK Desk Control Cable

Your Personal Standing Assistant Is Called LINAK Desk Control™

With the new LINAK Desk Control software, the users control the desk via software on the PC/Mac and command any movement from the computer keyboard.

Using a sit-stand desk offers the end-user substantial health and efficiency gains; many studies prove this to be true. But, it is also clear that it is a true behavioural challenge to override the learned sedentary behaviour. The LINAK Desk Control software is not only control for the Office Desk hardware, but is a motivational tool to increase daily movement and overall ergonomic health. With this software the users control the desk via the PC/Mac and command any movement from the computer keyboard.

Besides driving the desk up and down, the users can set goals for their movements (time or calories burned), get readout of their actual position, set preference positions and see a history of their movements (time and calories burned). A desktop reminder alert the user to stand up and work, ensuring that they keep up with their personal goal.

And in case there is a malfunction of the desk, the software can even display error codes. With LINAK Desk Control, the end-users get a personal standing assistant for guidance to optimum use of the desk functions.

Simply connect the USB2LIN06 cable between your control box and your computer and download the desk panel software.



  • Communication between PC/Mac and the CBD control box requires a USB2LIN cable from LINAK.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 7 (with .NET version 4.5)
  • Windows 8 or higher Operating System (Not on Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablets)
  • Mac OS (OS 10.7 or higher Operating System)
USB User Manual
DESK Control for Windows, ver. 2.02
DESK Control for Mac, ver. 2.02

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