Orthovia OrthoMouse

The OrthoMouse is designed so that it supports the hand and fingers evenly while they adopt a relaxed position. The index and middle fingers rest on the two buttons. Clicking occurs with a minimum horizontal displacement within these fingers.

The thumb remains in “opposition” to the other fingers. It allows control, sensitivity and precision, since the fingers assume a position very similar to that used during writing. The thumb on the OrthoMouse is responsible for the scroll features – you move it up for scrolling upwards, down for scrolling downwards, and press the thumb mid button for the scrolling click.

  • 6-in-1 configurative mouse - customisable shape and size to suit individual preferences
  • Encourages the hand to sit in a relaxed, neutral position, minimising RSIs associated with prolonged mouse use
  • Four different grips for maximum control, sensitivity and safety
  • Includes 3 prolongers (to adjust the size of the mouse) and 2 upper adaptors (to adjust the placement of the thumb and forefinger)
  • 5 programmable buttons with low mechanical resistance and no accidental click
  • 5 interchangeable adapters to optimise the fit, function and comfort
  • Available in Wired, for RIGHT HAND use only
  • Plug and Play
Dimension (H x W x L) 65 x 82 x 113, 121 or 136 mm
Resolution (optical) 800 DPI
Cable 1.8 m long
Colour Black
Buttons 5 total ( 2 standard function, 3 scroll buttons)
Microsoft Windows® 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10
Mac OS 10.1.X - 10.3.X or newer, 8.6 - 9.X
  Linux Kernel 2.4 or newer (with USB connection)

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