Pluto LCD Monitor Arm

The Pluto single monitor arm is the ideal ergonomic and space saving desk mount for any home or office project. It’s simple yet elegant design and powder coated finish add style and functionality to any workspace.

Designed for larger, heavier screens, each Pluto arm carries a weight rating of 15 kg. Strong enough for screens, laptops, and all-in-one computers. The broad range of movement for the single and dual arm pivot points combined with their adjustable height helps create a workspace that can be customised for any user in any position.

The screen can be extended 442 mm for the ideal user focal length and rotated a full 180° around the pole. The optimum viewing angle can also be achieved with an 80°± tilt and a pan of 180°.
Available in White, Black or Silver finish, the Pluto comes with built in cable management clips to help keep the work space neat and tidy.

Weight Capacity 15 kg
Height Adjustment 460 mm
Tilt 80° up / down
Pan 90° left / right
Arm Reach 442 mm
Display Compatibility VESA 75/100mm
Mounting Options Desk Clamp and Bolt Through
Warranty 7  years


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