RH Mereo Office Chair

A Scandinavian sensation - designed for you

Uncompromising ergonomics combined with innovation and design. The office chair RH Mereo helps you to achieve an active sitting position, better concentration, and better performance. RH Mereo is perfect for workplaces where several people use the same office chair.

  • Synchro-Tilt Motion
  • Independent Seat Back Tilt Function
  • Seat Slide
  • Back Height Adjustment
  • Colour options: Black in Xtreme Fabric or Black Leather.

One chair fits all
It only takes a small adjustment to fit an RH Mereo 220 to any user; whatever their size or shape. One chair fits everyone in the workplace and will bring active sitting to all.

RH Mereo is tested in accordance with international standards and norms, with excellent results. It is solid, easily upgradable, durable, and will improve performance in the workplace for years to come. With RH Mereo 220 you will only need one chair.

It puts you in the perfect mode 
2PP™ refers to two articulation points – pivot points – in your hips and knees. In RH Mereo 220 chairs, the two action points of the chair correspond perfectly with your pivot points. This helps your body to maintain an upright posture with a natural spine s-curve. This then facilitates a varied and movable sitting position without affecting basic adjustments such as seating, armrests, and back height.

With the Mereo’s movement points located near the knee and hip joints, you can sit comfortably reclined with feet on the floor and with good lumbar support, not having to adjust the height of the seat or the backrest. Creating ergonomic dynamics means empowering you with oxygen and energy. Keeping you at your best all day every day!

  Backrest Width    470 mm at the widest point  
  Backrest Height   570 mm  
   Seat Sliding   100 mm  
   Seat Depth   470 mm  
  Seat Width   480 mm  
  Seat Height   400 - 510 mm  
  Backrest Tilt   10°  


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