Score 959 Pro High Rise Footrest

A sturdy footrest with a range of adjustments
The Score Pro959 is a metal framed footrest with a tilting footboard and a wide height range that can be adjusted via a foot control. The ease and range of adjustment allows for regular position and posture changes which delivers increased comfort and healthier sitting.

Increases comfort and improves posture
The Score footrests provide good support for feet and legs in various workplaces. With a height adjustment range of 9cm – 37cm the Pro959 can be used under the desk in the office, to support high chairs, such as checkout chairs or laboratory chairs and for any other workplace to prevent feet from hanging.

Simple foot adjustment
The height of the Pro959 can be easily adjusted via the large button on the footboard. The non-locking mechanism on the platform permits tilting from 0°-87°, encouraging movement of the feet and ankles.

  • Height adjustment range of 9 – 37 cm
  • Adjustable tilt angle of 0 – 87º
  • The non locking angle encourages ankle and foot movement, increasing circulation in the legs
  • Large non-slip footboard 49cm wide x 40 cm deep
  • Robust design and construction
  • Patented scissor mechanism
  • Rubber feet ensure a secure not slip platform
Height 90 - 370 mm
Width 490 mm
Depth 400 mm
Angle Adjustment 0° – 87° Non-Locking Tilt
Weight 7.5 kg

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