TOPO Standing Mat

Static standing leads to postural fatigue, which forces people into unhealthy positions. Adding standing position variations alleviates cramping and other discomforts associated with unnatural positions. The objective of Topo is to unlock the true benefits of using a standing desk by making standing dynamic and keeping users moving and healthy.

Topo delivers a non flat surface to the space in front of our desks, reducing static activity by making standing at a desk dynamic. Topo keeps users moving and maximises the health benefits of standing.

  • Unlocks true benefits of standing desks
  • Calculated terrain facilitates blood flow and encourages healthy movement
  • Easy hands-free position let’s you slide the mat on various floor surfaces
  • One-piece highly durable and comfortable foam

Weight 3.6 kg
Width 736 mm
Depth 673 mm
Height 68 mm at the highest point
Colour Black
Material 100% polyurethane foam

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