Healthy Choices at the Work Place

July 22, 2021

As more and more studies are done in regard to the health benefits of sit-stand desks or height adjustable desks it's good to see the news media reporting on this research. On Monday, the 6th of August, The Age, The Guardian and the ABC published the results of a recent study carried out by Deakin University in an article written by Matilda Boseley.
She writes:
"After decades of sitting behind a desk, office workers are being encouraged to take a stand.

Standing desks, sometimes regarded as a health fad, could play a key role in finding an affordable way to reduce obesity rates across Australia.

If one in five office workers reduced their time stuck in a chair by using standing desks and scheduled walking breaks, they could reduce their chances of obesity and increase their life-spans by a collective 7492 years, or four days a year per individual, according to the results of a study from Deakin University.

The study, based on evaluation of a program trialled with Victorian public servants, estimated this could be done for a cost of just $185.2 million in equipment and management."

You can read the full article here...