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Anti Fatigue Mats for Standing at your Desk

With the benefits of standing desks being acknowledged across the board, there is a need to ensure that you can stand in comfort. These anti fatigue mats and balance boards help distribute your weight making standing more easeful.

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Balans® Active Stand
Active Stand board is a simple product for keeping you moving while you are standing, which adds mor..
Ex Tax: $190.00
Deluxe Anti Fatigue Mat
With its carpeted surface, this anti fatigue mat is perfect for standing on at your standing de..
Ex Tax: $117.27
Standsoft Anti Fatigue Mat
The Standsoft anti fatigue mat is made of 100% PU rubber and provides a platform that transfers down..
$99.00 $80.00
Ex Tax: $72.73
Steppie Balance Board
Steppie is a balance board that has been designed to be used while standing at a desk. Standing for ..
Ex Tax: $168.18
TOPO Mini Standing Mat
Topo Mini is a slimmed down version of Topo, the anti-fatigue mat that revolutionized the way we sta..
Ex Tax: $136.36
Based on 1 reviews.
TOPO Standing Mat
Static standing leads to postural fatigue, which forces people into unhealthy positions. Adding stan..
Ex Tax: $190.00
Based on 1 reviews.