Heckler Tripod Mount MX for iPad 10.2-inch

iPad devices are more powerful and more useful than ever. Mount them perfectly over your desk or within an open room to enable exciting new experiences. With VESA display arms, tripods, and Heckler Tripod Mount MX for iPad you can communicate and create in all-new ways.

With their 12MP Ultra Wide front cameras and Center Stage features, iPad 9th Generation and iPad Pro 5th Generation 12.9-inch are now outstanding, all-in-one video communication devices. Put them to work with Heckler Tripod Mount MX for iPad. Combine our mount with your favorite tripod to create engaging distance learning, training, live streams, and presentations.

Fully armed.
An iPad securely mounted to a display arm enables all sorts of new uses. Create stand-alone computer terminals, second displays, and touch terminals wherever you may need them.

Ready to rig.
Mounting your iPad on a tripod is only half the battle. Heckler Tripod Mount MX for iPad features three 1/4-20 mounting positions, an array of VESA mounting holes, and four cord-strapping areas. This means you can mount small lights, microphones, and microphone receivers to elevate your production value.

Product Dimensions / Weight
  • 216 x 292 x 16 mm
  • 1.2 kg

  • Heckler Tripod Mount MX
  • Velcro tie-down straps
  • VESA-mounting screws
  • Assembly tool

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