Heckler Zoom Rooms Console for iPad 10th Generation

Designed in collaboration with the Zoom team specifically to control Zoom Rooms, this striking hardware enables you to use iPad without compromise. Sleek look, commercial-grade construction, beautiful finish, theft resistance, and optional PoE power with Ethernet networking combine to produce an object you’d be proud to place between your CEO and your biggest client.


The perfect angle.
Console's low angle creates comfortable on-screen typing and at-a-glance access to your meeting status. The Console sits low on your table to avoid blocking the camera's view of in-room participants.

Good Looks From All Angles.
We know your video conference controller sits between you and your most important customers, so we carefully designed Zoom Rooms Console to impress from the front, the side, and the rear.

Deploy iPad 10th Generation throughout your meeting spaces with confidence that they will not "walk away." Tamper-resistant assembly screws, an integrated Kensington Security Slot, and an included cable anchor help keep your desirable devices in place and active.

Unblocked audio.
Integrated audio grills on the sides of Zoom Rooms Console enable Zoom's ultrasonic meeting ID to be broadcast throughout your meeting room. This means your in-room participants will be able to share their computer screens in the meeting without manually entering a code.

Convenient, configurable adapter compartment.
With its integrated storage compartment, you can securely install your preferred PoE power and Ethernet adapter. The compartment features an integrated strain relief for your network cable and an anchoring strap for adapters of many shapes and sizes.

Dimensions 286 x 198 x 127 mm
Weight 1.77 kg
Viewing Angle 30 degrees
Compatibility iPad 10th Generation
Material Powder-coated Steel



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